Beginner, intermediate, hydrofoil and advanced lessons.

  • 3 Hours (1 day): R2850 (R950 per hour)
  • 6 Hours (over 2 days): R5700 (R950 per hour)
  • 9 Hours (over 3 days): R8550 (R950 per hour)

    2. GROUP COURSE: (Two or three students, one instructor, one kite in the air.)(Bring your own buddy.)
  • 3 Hours (1 day): R1425 per person (R475 per person - per hour)
  • 6 Hours (over 2 days): R2850 per person (R475 per person - per hour)
  • 9 Hours (over 3 days): R4275 per person (R475 per person - per hour)

    These courses include:
  • A Personal Qualified Instructor
  • All gear
  • Rescue boat service


Safety, setup, kite-handling, pre-flight check, launching as an assistant, wind window exploration, let go of the bar, twist and un-twist the lines, fly one-handed, de-power discovery, walking one-handed, launching as a pilot, in-flight quick-release activation, self-land and equipment packing. Water re-launch, enter and exit the water while controlling the kite, body-drag with two hands, body-drag upwind, body-drag with the board, self-rescue, right-of-way rules, steady pull, water start, controlled stop. Control speed by edging, ride upwind, sliding transitions, toeside riding, jibe, self launch, basic jumping, tricks and looping.

Please Bring:
Bathing suit, towel, drinking water, sunglasses and sunblock or buy any of these at our C-Kite shop.


Kite Gear rentals: (per day)
Wetsuit R170
Board R470
Bar R470
Harness R170
Kite R700
Foil R750
Full Kit R1500
Full Kit and Foil R1500